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White Collar Criminal Defense

Bay Area and Nationwide White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers

The firm has been representing clients facing accusations of white collar criminal violations for more than twenty years. We successfully defended a lawyer accused of being at the center of the savings and loan scandal of the 1990's in the Lincoln Savings/American Continental Corporation investigation. Following months of litigation the client suffered neither criminal conviction nor any other professional or administrative sanction. More recently; following trial we obtained acquittal on all of the many charges lodged against a college professor accused of defrauding the United States Government; at trial we successfully defended a young mortgage broker accused of a area wide fraudulent mortgage scheme; and, we successfully defended a former vice president of a major energy company in the first known prosecution under the Federal Commodities Exchange Act.

We have represented dozens of white collar clients, not only at trial , but at the investigative stage, regarding potential accusations of fraud, securities violations, tax crimes, money laundering and various regulatory violations. Many of these cases involved literally millions of pages of documents. In the complex arena of white collar grand jury investigations the firm has repeatedly worked successfully to assist clients in avoiding prosecution or conviction. During this and in all stages of representation we are careful to protect, not only the client's legal interests, but his or her privacy. Accordingly, the only cases listed here by name are those which resulted in published opinions.

Accusations of a white collar crime not only affect your life personally, but can place you in the public eye. At Cotsirilos & Campisano, LLP , our attorneys have developed a reputation in California for our success in defending clients charged with white collar crimes. We understand your privacy is of the utmost importance, and we handle each case discreetly.

Our firm has over 50 years of combined experience working in serious criminal cases. Our white collar criminal defense work includes the following:

  • Grand Jury Investigation
  • Fraud
    • Banking Fraud
    • Credit Card Fraud
    • Insurance Fraud
    • Mortgage Fraud
    • Medicare Fraud
    • Medicaid Fraud
    • Securities Fraud
    • Tax Fraud
    • Wire Fraud
  • Antitrust
  • Regulatory Violations
  • Grand Larceny
  • Embezzlement

Protecting Your Privacy

Our firm never seeks publicity regarding a case. We understand that the long, complicated investigation of white collar cases can be stressful to our clients. Being in the public eye only hinders these investigations and possibly your reputation. We believe your privacy is essential. Your personal identity and your private issues should stay private. Our firm has handled a number of high-profile, high-publicity cases - and we have successfully defended them while protecting our clients' privacy.

The Federal Jurisdiction of White Collar Criminal Defense

Starting with the grand jury investigation, white collar cases involve immense dedication from an attorney. Each of our attorneys has been practicing in federal courts for over 25 years. Federal practice involves regulatory and other federal agencies, and we know how to work with them. As the chair of the Criminal Justice Act panel, attorney George Cotsirilos gained indispensable experience with federal cases.

A white collar case can be investigated by a grand jury for years. We can help clients caught up in grand jury investigations and clients who have been served grand jury subpoenas. White collar cases are often document intensive - millions of documents may be involved. It takes focused, specific skills to effectively defend white collar cases.

Contact a white collar criminal defense attorney at our firm today to discuss any criminal accusations. In over 50 years of combined service, our fraud lawyers have the experience to scrutinize all aspects of your case.

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